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Alien Head Wall Art Home Decor Sticker Decal

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Outdoor Durability: 5 years (3 years gold and silver) when properly applied (vertical exposure (90°± 10°), unprinted film). Warranty coverage is defined as no appreciable deterioration in the product. Cracking, crazing, blistering or loss of adhesion constitutes a breach of warranty if it occurs during the stated life of the product.


Exclusively from GreenStar. A calendered 5-year vinyl (3-year vinyl for gold and silver) with a semi-gloss finish for general purpose interior/exterior signs, posters, show cards, banners and window graphics. Excellent cutting, weeding and transferring. Made in the U.S.A.

Physical Properties

The following information on physical and chemical characteristics is based upon tests believed to be reliable.

The values are intended only as a source of information. They are given without guarantee and do not constitute a warranty. The purchaser should independently determine, prior to use, the suitability of this material for his/her specific purpose. (Data represents averages and is not intended for use as a specification).

Application Temperature: +40° F

Service Temperature Range: -40° F to +180° F

Thickness: 3.0 mil

Typical Adhesion Values: 180° Peel Test Substrate 24 hrs

Stainless Steel 3.6 lbs/in Note: Tested per ASTM 1000. Always pretest your specific substrate prior to actual application. 60° Gloss Reading: 45°+

Loop Tack: 2.5-3 lbs/sq in

Dimensional Stability: No measurable shrinkage

Shelf Life: 1 year under +70° F (21° C) at 50 ± 5% R.H.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to mild acids, alkalies and salts

Solvent Resistance: Resistant to most petroleum based oil, grease and aliphatic solvents


Wall Decal Vinyl

GreenStar Wall Decal Vinyl is a 3 mil matte exible calendered vinyl lm with a removable pressure sensitive adhesive laminated to a number 78 liner. GreenStar lms are ideal for home décor and other temporary applications that require clean removability. These products are commonly processed on computer programmable sign cutting machines.

Applications These products are designed for temporary decals of up to two years with minimal to no adhesive transfer in most applications. Ideal for interior markings and decorative graphic applications.Because substrates and paints vary widely, test this product before use. Especially test bond to Low or Zero VOC paints before application. Freshly painted surfaces must be thoroughly cured before application.

  • Thickness Film 3.0 mils.
  • Temperature Ranges Minimum application temperature +40°F.
  • Service temperature -40°F to +200° F.
  • Removability Removable up to 1 year under normal interior conditions.
  • Humidity Resistance Good.
  • Storage Stability 1 year shelf life when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.