Fusion Decals Sponsorship Requirements

1.  Active Participation in Motorsports:
   - Must be actively participating in recognized motorsport events or races.
   - Evidence of a racing schedule for the current or upcoming season.

2.  Vehicle Performance Modifications:
   - Vehicles must have substantial performance modifications; cosmetic modifications alone are not sufficient.
   - Documentation or proof of performance modifications and how they enhance the vehicle's competitiveness in motorsports.

3.  Community Engagement:
   - Active engagement within the motorsport community, both online and offline.
   - Presence on motorsport forums, social media, and local or regional car meets.

4.  Professionalism and Brand Representation:
   - Professional conduct both on and off the track.
   - Willingness to represent Fusion Decals in a positive light, including but not limited to displaying Fusion Decals branding on the vehicle and apparel, and mentioning Fusion Decals in social media posts and interviews.

5.  Performance Metrics:
   - Past racing performance metrics, if available.
   - Future performance goals and a plan to achieve them.

6.  Media and Public Relations:
   - Willingness to participate in media interviews, photo shoots, and other PR activities to promote Fusion Decals and its products.
   - A following on social media or a plan to build and engage with an audience.

7.  Sponsorship Proposal:
   - A well-prepared sponsorship proposal outlining how the sponsorship will benefit both the sponsoree and Fusion Decals.
   - Details on how Fusion Decals' sponsorship will be activated and leveraged for mutual benefit.

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