Fusion Decals Branded - Black 4" [10CM] Automotive Vinyl Squeegee w\Suede Decals Wrap Tint Application Tool Scraper

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Item:  Fusion Decals Branded Plastic Squeegee with Micro-Fiber Suede Felt

Size:  4" x 3" or 10cm x 7.3cm

Thickness:  .04" to .2" or 1mm to 3mm

Color: Black with green suede

Material:  Black Plastic with  Micro Fiber Suede Felt

Applications for use: Window Tinting, Vinyl Decal Application, Vehicle Wrap Installation, Wall Decal Applications, Glass Cleaning, Window Frost removal, Wall Paper Application and much more.
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Suede edge for scratch free installation, Suede is also replaceable
  • Conforms the film more reliably into crevasses areas like shallow recessed areas and bumpers and to remove air bubbles efficiently 
  • Extremely durable for all vinyl applications and won't scratch during installation.
  • Lightweight and small for easy storage and handling

Recommendations:  For vinyl applications use make sure to spray a mist of water so the vinyl squeegee slides easy over the film leaving no scratches and no air bubbles for a professional result.  This is the best method when applying vehicle wraps and such.